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Could Be a Betting Bonanza For Football Fans

Could Be a Betting Bonanza For Football Fans

September 2, 2006 will be a special day in college football as the PAC 10 invades the unfriendly confines of SEC country, for a tripleheader that will quickly define who has a powerful conference in 2006.

This is USC coach Pete Carroll's year to re-load and before anyone feels too sorry for him understand that the two players vying to replace Leinart were both regarded as the top prep quarterback in America their senior years. Bush, like Leinart, will be missed, but there's a roll-call list of young, highly regarded runners anxious to win the job at tailback.

This is a team that went 37-2 the past three seasons with both of those losses coming by three points. Enough quality players return buoyed by a string of recruiting classes regarded among the finest in the country to give USC another shot at being in the middle of the BCS mix.

The problem for the Trojans is their opening week visit to hot, humid and hostile Arkansas where the embarrassed Razorbacks are waiting. Last season, USC hung up seventy points on Houston Nutt’s team and payback is on their minds rather than southern hospitality.

The number floating around Vegas has USC a 10 ½ point pick and I love the dog here and am definitely going to place a bet with my online sportsbook.

That same day, the California Golden Bears travel to Knoxville for a visit with the troubled Tennessee Volunteers. The Vols are coming off a pathetic 2005 season and the Golden Bears have been talented the last few years. The problem for bettors here is that the number will be inflated leaning Tennessee’s way as they are thought to have great athletes.

I would assume that Cal will be a + 4 dog and laying the wood with Phil Fulmer’s team is not recommended! Here isn’t going to be any online sports betting from me on this one.

I’m staying away here!

The third Pac 10/SEC tilt has the Cougars from Washington State heading to Alabama to face the Tigers of Auburn. There is controversy surrounding Tommy Tubberville’s program, but Washington State is overmatched here. Lay the wood!

Internet Sports Betting

Internet Sports Betting

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